August Amp Up: Summer Skiboarding

Who’s up for some summer skiboarding? Last October Jack Schmid and company headed to Buck Hill Ski & Snowboard Area to test out their new summer set up.

Jack and the Electric Snail crew will be returning to Buck Hill this Sunday, August 27. If you’re in the Twin Cities area stop by and join them!

August Amp Up: Talon Returns

August is here and it’s time to get amped up for the coming season! We’ll be sharing some of our favorite edits from the past season until the snow starts to fly.

Our first video comes from Talon Sei. Talon had taken a hiatus from skiboarding for a while but is back and sharing tons of great footage. Here’s an edit from his first time back on the snow:

If you haven’t seen what Talon has been up to in a while, be sure to check him out on YouTube!