Midwest Meet 2015 Edit

Here’s the edit from the sixth Midwest Meet at Mount Bohemia, MI. We had 14 riders from 7 states – some as far as West Virginia and Pennsylvania!

It’s always hard to decide what to keep and what to and what to cut. Here are just some of the highlights from another awesome trip!

We’ll be headed back to Bohemia toward the end of February. Join us if you can!

Recap: Midwest Meet 6

A week ago we kicked off the sixth annual Midwest Meet at Mount Bohemia in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. The event has been steadily growing each year and we were stoked to welcome five newcomers who crushed it from the start!

This year we didn’t quite get the powder we’ve been used to, but we still had a great time with great people. 14 skiboarders attended and we turned a lot of heads riding as such a big group at a mountain that only sees a flock of us a couple times each year.

Midwest Meet 2015 Group at Mount Bohemia

Tim cliff drop at Midwest Meet, Mount BohemiaThe first day started off with a little rain, but by the time we reached the mountain things had cleared off. Conditions were crunchy in the morning, but softened up really nicely providing us with a beautiful spring-like day. After the lifts closed we took a break before heading to the Bohemia-provided dinner – we were told they were chicken fajitas, but we coined the term fauxjitas. After dinner we wrapped up the evening with a trip into Calumet to visit our local skiboard buddy / bar tender.

The second day started off pretty icy from the overnight mist and light rain. Some of us may have slipped on the way to breakfast that morning. The temperature steadily decreased throughout the day, so things were much more slick than we’re used to, but we didn’t let that hold us back. We stopped by the bar in Calumet on the way to Houghton and had a group dinner at Joey’s Seafood & Grill. They were out of the infamous chocolate cake, but lots of temporary tattoos were provided as a condolence. By the end of the night several arms, necks and faces were branded with schools of fish. Fish lyfe!

Jake finds an innovative snowbaby carrying method.We woke up to a couple inches of fresh snow to cover up the ice and bare spots. The new snow seemed to soften things up in some spots, but only camouflaged the rocks and ice in other spots. After some more riding, everyone left with high spirits and great memories.

Looks like fun, right? A group of us will be headed back within a month or two. We’re still figuring out the timing, but if you’re interested, chime in and let us know when works for you – you won’t regret it!

Watch for the video coming within a week or so in case you need further convincing, but who would want to miss out on sitting on this cool log with all of us?

Midwest Meet 2015 Group at Mount Bohemia

The Mount Bohemia Effect

Skiboards lined up at Midwest Meet, Mount Bohemia, MI
Skiboards lined up at Midwest Meet, Mount Bohemia, MI.

Yurts, bunk beds, and Michigan aren’t the first things that come to mind when most people think about an epic ski vacation, but for some people, they are. It’s something you have to experience first hand to fully understand.

Mount Bohemia is a unique destination to say the least. It’s located in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, more than 4 hours from the closest metro area. It’s quite a trek for most people to get there, and finding it is another issue with most GPS units sending people to someplace that isn’t at all a ski hill. Still, distance doesn’t stop people from saying Mount Bohemia is their favorite place to ride.

Buried yurt at Mount Bohemia
Buried yurt at Mount Bohemia.

If you spend a day at Bohemia, you’ll start to see why it is loved by so many. Last season brought more than 350 inches of snow thanks to the mountain’s ideal location on the Keweenaw Peninsula which is completely surrounded by Lake Superior. Unlike the snow at most ski hills, Bohemia’s snow is all natural powder, all the time. The best part is, you don’t have to be there on a powder day to find the good stuff. The 500+ acre ski area is never groomed, and most of it is made up of glades that help keep powder stashes intact for days or even weeks.

If the powder isn’t enough to put a smile on your face, the people will be. The mountain has a small town culture unlike anything I’ve experienced at any other ski resort. People don’t care who you are or what you ride, they’re just stoked to share a common experience with you. People look out for and support each other in a way that would make you think they’ve known each other for years, even if they just met.

Tyler in deep powder at Mount Bohemia
Tyler in deep powder at Mount Bohemia.

Six years ago, my vision of an amazing ski trip was redefined, but I wasn’t the only one. Some have even said Mount Bohemia ruined them – other places aren’t nearly as fun anymore. The more you dig, the more you find that Bohemia is a special place to many. To see what I mean, check out the Powder Magazine Ski Town Throwdown. Mount Bohemia has outed several well known resorts including Jay Peak, Killington and Stowe/Smugglers’ Notch.

If you’re ready to mix up your winter vacation, join us January 23 – 25 for the 2015 Midwest Meet. There are carpools from the Minneapolis, Green Bay and Detroit areas, and at $99 for a season pass, you can’t beat the price!

Skiboards on one of the triple black diamonds at Mount Bohemia
Skiboards on one of the triple black diamonds at Mount Bohemia.

Midwest Meet 2014 – Back to Bohemia

By March 2014, the cold winter eventually froze over Lake Superior, putting an end to the epic snowfall. Subzero temperatures didn’t hold us back. Check out the great time we had while still finding powder stashes and things to throw ourselves off of.

Doomtree – Team the Best Team
P.O.S. – Wanted/Wasted featuring Astronautalis (Swiss Andy Remix)

To everyone who has ever joined us out in this snow covered middle of nowhere.
George & Friends
Lake Superior

Midwest Meet 2012

The third annual Midwest Meet kicked off 2012 with a bang this past weekend. The event featured three days of riding glades, trees and powder at Mount Bohemia in Lac Le Belle, Michigan. Riders from Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Indiana, Ohio and even as far as Pennsylvania were in attendance.

Mount Bohemia ranks as one of the most unique ski resorts in the Midwest featuring an average snow fall of 270 inches each year. The mountain’s location near the tip of the Keweenaw Peninsula brings lots of powdery lake effect snow from Lake Superior, and allows the mountain to have 100% natural snow and terrain. You won’t find any groomers here, just powder, trees and a mixture of expert only terrain.

Watch for the Midwest Meet video dropping soon.