Skiboarding’s New European Dealer

Europeans will have a new place to order their skiboarding gear this season. Formally Skiboards.CZ an online skiboard shop based out of the Czech Republic since 2004, has changed to Skiboards.EU. Skiboarders in the EU can order their gear without Custom Duties and Taxes they would get from ordering from the USA or Asia.

On top of carrying skiboards they do also have some snowblades, short skis and dual snowboards. Brands they carry are Allz, BlueMoris, Dual, Eman, GPO, Revel8, and Strictly.

3 thoughts on “Skiboarding’s New European Dealer”

  1. yeah i see that .. and that was like surprise!
    Good, anyway, im not gonna go deeper, this is life.. im just sayin i did not know about this fact till i saw them sellin in this site. khmm.

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