Brazen, Custom Snowboards and Skiboards

For the past year and a half, Brett at Brazen snowboards has been making custom snowboards and skiboards out of his workshop in El Cajon, California. It all started after a divorce where he asked himself what he really loved to do. Brett, who has an engineering degree, got to work building all the large tooling himself from piles of metal and electronics, to put together the small production and prototyping factory for custom made snowboards, skiboards and skis (although they haven’t had the chance to make any skis yet.)

The factory and techniques are constantly growing and improving under the curious eyes of the factory cat Madeline Brazen Longpaw. Brett says even tho Brazen is a young company, he puts in over 12 hours a day, 7 day weeks as the only full-time employee.

It takes just a couple of weeks to your own selected graphics onto one of their production models, or about a month or more if you’re you want more customized dimensions, effective edge, flex characteristics, camber, etc. Brett says, “You can have anything you want. Literally”. Brazen uses hand selected alder, ash or maple wood cores with no knots and a tight grain. Durasurf sintered base materials, Isosport topsheet material for dye sublimation, even aircraft grade carbon fibers, fiber glasses and bio-resins.

One of their current skiboard production models is 90cm long and basedoff the old Line 5-0 skiboards but with vastly improved material, and they have made custom skiboards up to 130cm long, and an impressive 190cm long snowboard. They even have some 56cm skiboards based off the good old Kneissl Big Foots dubbed the Good Foots.

“Just about everything we’re building is gone as soon as it’s finished…” Brett says, but they do have a growing amount of in stock items. Best way to see what they have available is to contact them directly, and if they don’t have what your looking for, well they can always just make something for you!

Brett is looking move his equipment into another manufacturer’s factory in the future, “then have the capacity to do large runs…, There’s big things in the future!”

4 thoughts on “Brazen, Custom Snowboards and Skiboards”

  1. Hello I’m looking for custom 75 cm snow blades for a line of bi deck snowskates. My goal is to keep the cost down but also to have quality USA made products. Please email me regarding this.

    J.W. Hollibush

  2. Do not trust this guy, Brett Van Volkenburg and Brazen with your cash. I sent him $500 for a custom build. A few months later he asked for another $400. Like an idiot, I sent it to him. Now, after over 6 months, I still have not received anything from the guy and he is refusing to refund my money. Good luck if you try to do business with this guy. If any of you want confirmation of details, feel free to email me at:

    1. Thanks for the info Robert. If by “this guy” you mean me, the person who wrote the article, i just want to point out that this is simply an editorial from an interview i did with Brett by email, i never bought anything from Brazen, this is no way a review of their products/services.

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